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I didn’t know what I expected from H.D. since this is her debut novel. But I have to say that I am truly glad I got my greedy little hands on this series in the beginning stages because it is going to be a force to be reckoned with! This book was out of this world!

My Thoughts:
From the very first sentence the author has you hooked and wanting to read more. In the first few pages we meet Alexa Montgomery, a seventeen year old who is trying to fit in and find some normalcy in between being forced to learn combat/sword fighting and strength training with her mother that leaves her with black eyes every now and then and the fact that her mother is adamant on her perfecting these skills to “prepare” for protecting herself and her 1 year younger sister Nelly from some unknown source (but the burning question is from who?). We are then introduced to Jackson Kane, Alexa’s best friend/love interest who’s had her back ever since they’ve met.

The story then takes a turn for the worst when Alexa’s house is attacked by blood thirsty vampire’s called the Lamia that seem to have one thing in mind…..Nelly. Alexa and her mother fight off these otherworldly creatures as best as they can but when they are outnumbered Alexa has to make the worst decision of her life which is to save Nelly and to leave her mother behind. In doing so Alexa, Nelly, and yes Jackson are introduced to a world and adventure that they’ve never known was possible or even existed.

I really loved how you can tell that H.D. took her time with every character. The reader is almost instantly able to connect with Alexa’s and Nelly’s character and story. They are not your typically fantasy character with no flaws and a stale personality. The main character is feisty, smart, caring, and a little insecure at the same time flaws in all. We really get to see every characters likes, dislikes, faults and this makes them all unforgettable even if they were important or not. The character I loved the most besides Alexa was Jackson Kane our mouth-watering Werewolf. Jackson really helps bring out the different sides in Alexa even if she is always giving him a hard time! He was so loveable that I instantly fell in love with his character and I was rooting that he would get the girl in the end (not that I want to admit it because I want him all to myself!).

H.D. creates the ultimate supernatural world that include Vampires, Seekers, Werewolf’s , and Warriors that all live together in one “super” community of different races that don’t clash or out shine the other. This book is beautifully written with a fresh take on the paranormal and its awesomeness! Blood Warrior takes the title of an ultimate page turning adventure and I sure as hell didn’t want it to end! I hope to continue this ride with H.D. and Alexa and I’m planning on devouring the rest of the series. Cheers for Blood Warrior!!!!

Recommend to: Beware: This series is addicting. This series is like Vampire Academy on Steroids!!!! I would not recommend this to people who are not obsessed with hot Werewolf’s, Warrior Princesses, Vampires that actually bite, and beings who can see into your soul.LoL

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