Review: Praise for: Half Black Soul by H.D. Gordon

Synopsis: In the past few weeks Alexa Montgomery has had her entire world flipped upside down. She’s gone from living a semi-normal teenage life to a life full of vampires and werewolves who all expect her to deliver them from the control of an evil dictator. Alexa is the last of her kind; a Sun Warrior, and now she has left the safety of Two Rivers to search for her mother, but she’s left her sister behind to do so, and Nelly is the one person that she was told that she must always protect. Kayden, a vampire who is Alexa’s other half, has followed her on her journey. But, secrets are about to come out, relationships will break and danger lies just up ahead. Will Alexa be able to get through all of this and make it out alive? And, will she be able to protect Nelly from danger when she is so far away?

My Review:
First things first….Alexa is the shit!!!

I was one of the lucky ones to receive this book a day before it was to be released! I didn’t know how in the world H.D. was going to top Blood Warrior but did she prove me wrong? Hell Yes!!! I am dangerously obsessed with this series and we are only two books in. H.D. needs to be locked up and throw away the key because this book is insane!!

We start back where we left off in the first book and boy ole boy H.D. wastes no time with getting straight to the action! I really loved how the beginning didn’t drag with the whole retailing of the first book like other book series do. In Half Black Soul the story continues on a fast past with bits and pieces of important information from the first book as well.

In this installment we really get to see how well H.D. has grown as a writer and story teller as we read each book. I love that in the first book we had Alexa as the main character and we got to experience her journey from her point of view with her and we also had these amazing supporting characters that we have grown to love as much as the protagonist. But in HBS we get to see Nelliana’s point of view as well.

The story gets way more interesting with the different POV’s and sides of the story. We get to see a side of Nelly that we would have never saw coming if we weren’t inside her head. We also get to see Alexa and Nelly’s characters evolve and become more and more conflicted and dark with each book. Because where ever theirs light darkness hovers and we really get to see this theory play out throughout the entire read.We now see that Nelly and Alexa are two totally different people but as the secrets come out we can tell that they are really not so different at all. There were so many twist,turns,shocker’s,poetic,Kick-assness, and heart breaking moments that I cannot even guess where this book is headed(which is bad ass) because H.D. had me guessing the entire read.

H.D. you really broke my heart with what happened with Jackson… (Lolz)
-If your wanting a ride here it is……What are you waiting for!!

Recommend to/My confession: I read Blood Warrior: Loved It, I read Half Black Soul: Loved It. So I have come to a conclusion after reading the second book that this series is way better than Vampire Academy. It pains me to say but I literally fell into this series and I don’t want to be found. I love the Vampire Academy series but this takes the cake…… Sorry Rose but Alexa can kick your ass!(LOL!)

That’s all for now and I can’t wait to read the third book!

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