Review: A Taste of You by Jennifer Stevenson (ARC)

I received this book as a read to review on another website. I have to say that the synopsis sounded really good and I figured it might be a fun adult read, but that was not the case unfortunately….

My Synopsis: The main character Hel is no ordinary blood sucking monster-she’s a “Energy vampire”. She doesn’t live off human blood but lives off of peoples energy, and she can feel your emotions with her keen sense of smell and she doesn’t look a day older than seventeen even though she is decades older. Hel has been hiding this truth from everyone including her alcoholic mother “Jilly” who is so much like a BFF than a mother. Hel is not to happy with being an “Energy Vampire” in fact she hates her self everyday that she has to suck the life out of little kids and people for food so she can survive, leaving her victims weak and flustered. Hel then meet this savvy middle aged man who claims he is a Detective for an agency who investigates magical beings and he wants Hel to do his dirty work and spy on this doctor who knows a lot about magic….

Pros: I really had high hopes for this book because the concept of the Energy vampire could have been a great idea if executed correctly. Hel was an okay character and I liked the sexual tension between Hel and Nick.

Cons: Once again this book had some good ideas but they were not executed correctly. Hel was hard for me to relate too… she was too whinny and annoying most of the time. And whoa did this book drag! It took forever for the plot to ever build or take place. It felt like it went on and on and nothing was happening and I started to get bored and had the feeling that nothing was ever going to happen. I had to skim through to get to the few parts that were actually some what good. I also didn’t like how the author explained that she was an energy vampire and all of what she could do in the beginning and then in the middle of the book Hel just materializes into thin air to follow Nick home. I was like “what the hell is going on?” It would have been nice to know what all her powers included when she explained it in the beginning,because it had me lost and confused. And don’t get me started on the bad guy!

All in all this was not a fantastic read for me and I struggled to finish it and I feel awful for giving it a bad review but I like to be truthful with the reviews I write. And I will continue to read books from this author in the future. But this book was clearly “Not my cup of tea”.

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