Review: Awakening by Karice Bolton

For starters I received this book from the author Karice Bolton as a read to review. It was really nice of her to take the time out and actually send me the printed copy and to also sign it for me as well which was a real treat! :)

My synopsis: [ Awakening is the first installment of The Watchers Trilogy. It follows the not so interesting life of Anna, whose daily routine consists of having nightmares of creatures that can only be real in her dreams (so she thinks),bar tendering at The Grizzly Lodge as a day job, hanging-out at her apartment with her English Bull Dog named Matilda, and having a non-exist-ant love life. That’s until she meets Athen and his family where things get more interesting and complicated.
From the moment Ana meets Athen and his family things start to change for the good and the bad. Ana falls for Athen quickly and her world is turned upside down when she discovers her own truths behind the horrifying dreams she’s been having since she can remember and the new dangers that are after her and her new “family”. Athen is a white demon- fallen angels who have chosen the righteous path so-to-speak to stop the demons that wreck havoc upon humans on earth. Can Ana except her new fate by Athen’s side or will she never the less go back to her ordinary life?

Pros: I really really liked this book. It was a new take on fallen angels because in this series they are actually called white demons and demons. This was a great start to the series! Ana was easy to relate to being a 21 year old myself. I liked how she carried her self and how loyal she was to everyone around her especially her friend Karen. Ana could be the typically 21 who has an apartment,dog,job and a daily routine so it was believable. I was able to get a visual picture of Whistler(Ana’s hometown) because of Bolton’s impeccable talent of being a great story teller and being able to capture every detail and scent to where you could almost be transported into Ana’s world! I love love loved the romance between Ana and Athen it was so cute and it was like opposites attract but together it works out perfectly! Their relationship kind of reminded me of Bella and Edward- Ana was clumsy and self conscious and Athen was strong,sexy,confident and quick on his toes. I also liked the fact that this story flowed perfectly well. It had a little action with some intense scenes, love scenes that got hot and heated( in good taste),and you didn’t get lost with the story line and there wasn’t a lot of characters to keep up with and remember!

Cons: Even though I do love to have great detail- there was a few times where it was too overly descriptive. A few parts didn’t need it and it just kind of slowed down the process of reading and then after all the description it was a really good part and then I was like “yes”! Also I was really sad that there wasn’t a ton of action! Maybe it’s just me but i like romance as well as some kick butt action! Their was a few elements of action but they were so good and short that I wanted more!

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